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Nov 2011 to April 2013 ~ SAS Contractor

Solvency Risk Team

  • Worked on the RBS Migration Project.
  • Developed Corporate and Commercial MI systems.

Mar 2011 to Jul 2011 ~ SAS Contractor

InfoCentre Team

  • Reviewed and corrected a key table build in the new load process.
  • Converted reports written in Microsoft Access and Excel to SAS.
  • Reconciled regulatory reports to prove accuracy.

Jun 2010 to Dec 2010 ~ SAS Contractor

Commercial Risk Team

  • Mapped business processes for overdraft acquisitions.
  • Mapped the data sources and processes involved in producing the Commercial Risk MI reports.
  • Produced data dictionaries to document existing data sources.
  • Reconciliation of legacy data being imported into a new system.
  • Productionisation and reconciliation of commercial mortgage scorecard code.
  • Provided mentoring and technical SAS support to team members.

Dec 2008 to Jun 2010 ~ SAS Contractor

Reporting Centre, Systems and Development Team

  • Development of new pensions data files for Prophet.
  • Productionisation of manual legacy jobs involving code automation and change control using Endevor and Remedy.
  • Producing reconciliation reports.


Credit Risk Team (sub-contracted to Jaywing)

Apr 2008 to Aug 2008

  • Development of several new MI reports.
  • Automation of existing manual reports.
  • Maintenance of existing reporting suites and systems.

Nov 2006 to Oct 2007

  • Automated and productionised several existing manual MI reports.
  • Initiated a number of efficiency changes to improve system run times.
  • Implemented a shared catalogue of utility macros to minimize repetitive coding.
  • Created a number of reports for supporting the development of new scorecards.

Oct 2007 to Apr 2008 ~ SAS Contractor

Risk Analytics Team

  • Provided technical SAS support to the business analysts involved in the legacy systems migration (personal loans, banking and mortgages) to Santander’s new Partenon system.
  • Investigated and documented legacy systems and MI reporting suites as part of the Partenon migration project.

MI Reporting Team

  • Improved and automated a MI reporting suite which produces numerous reports for Benchmarking bank account applications and performance.

Jul 2004 to Apr 2005 ~ SAS Contractor

Basel II Team

  • Reviewed the team programs and advised on SAS efficiency techniques for data extraction and manipulation.

Scorecard Team

  • Developed financial scorecard functions in SAS in order to reconcile against the source system and allow detailed MI analysis.

MI Reporting Team

  • Designed and developed a method for incorporating a new data feed into Consumer Risk MI Reporting.
  • Trained team members in various aspects of SAS programming (Base and Macro).
  • Automated existing mainframe reporting suites – implementing data uploads to PC-LAN and dynamically creating Excel spreadsheets using DDE.

Nov 2006

Email Campaign Analysis (sub-contracted to Jaywing)

  • Designed and developed several reports for monitoring the performance of email campaigns and tracking user activity on the Avon website.

Apr 2008 to Aug 2008

On-site at Egg working on Jaywing’s credit scoring systems.

Nov 2006 to Oct 2007

Brought in to assist Jaywing’s Credit Risk team on-site at Egg, we experienced delays in getting access to Egg’s site and systems, so helped Jaywing with analysis of website traffic for another client (Avon).  After being briefed on expected deliverables, we designed and developed a suite of reports to highlight usage patterns and customer response rates from email campaigns.

Once on-site at Egg, we were involved in helping maintain and develop the Jaywing systems related to credit scoring.

May 2005 to Nov 2006 ~ SAS Contractor

Credit Risk (Underwriting) Team

  • Created a suite of reports for monitoring performance of new scorecards.
  • Created reports to assist with scorecard development.

MI Team

  • Assessed and improved the programs for monitoring Account Level Profitability, setting up a modular system to allow partial updates depending on availability of source data.
  • Created data files for MI Reporting based on new data sources (Teradata), reconciling to legacy systems.
  • Developed and implemented a suite of reports for monitoring underwriter activity and performance.
  • Provided ad hoc support of and enhancements to existing reporting suites.
  • Reviewed and documented the programs for monitoring credit card activity.

Aug 2001 to Jun 2004 ~ SAS Contractor

Management Alert System (MAS) Support and Development Team

  • Developed and implemented a Knowledge Transfer plan for training offshore staff.
  • Automated and enhanced the data feeds into Tesco’s Staff Scheduling System.
  • Seconded to PC Data Warehouse Development Team to analyse the data and functionality gap between MAS and the PC-DW and produce a plan for the eventual decommissioning of MAS.
  • Implemented control files to optimize overnight batch processing, improving schedule run times and business SLAs.
  • Created a number of databases and integrated them successfully into MAS, in good time and within budget.
  • Developed and implemented a number of Rexx programs for repetitive MAS Support tasks.
  • Provided Help Desk and on-call support of MAS.