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Nov 2011 to April 2013 ~ SAS Contractor

Solvency Risk Team

  • Worked on the RBS Migration Project.
  • Developed Corporate and Commercial MI systems.

Jun 2010 to Dec 2010 ~ SAS Contractor

Commercial Risk Team

  • Mapped business processes for overdraft acquisitions.
  • Mapped the data sources and processes involved in producing the Commercial Risk MI reports.
  • Produced data dictionaries to document existing data sources.
  • Reconciliation of legacy data being imported into a new system.
  • Productionisation and reconciliation of commercial mortgage scorecard code.
  • Provided mentoring and technical SAS support to team members.

Oct 2007 to Apr 2008 ~ SAS Contractor

Risk Analytics Team

  • Provided technical SAS support to the business analysts involved in the legacy systems migration (personal loans, banking and mortgages) to Santander’s new Partenon system.
  • Investigated and documented legacy systems and MI reporting suites as part of the Partenon migration project.

MI Reporting Team

  • Improved and automated a MI reporting suite which produces numerous reports for Benchmarking bank account applications and performance.

Jul 2004 to Apr 2005 ~ SAS Contractor

Basel II Team

  • Reviewed the team programs and advised on SAS efficiency techniques for data extraction and manipulation.

Scorecard Team

  • Developed financial scorecard functions in SAS in order to reconcile against the source system and allow detailed MI analysis.

MI Reporting Team

  • Designed and developed a method for incorporating a new data feed into Consumer Risk MI Reporting.
  • Trained team members in various aspects of SAS programming (Base and Macro).
  • Automated existing mainframe reporting suites – implementing data uploads to PC-LAN and dynamically creating Excel spreadsheets using DDE.